Saturday, 2 December 2017

Words December 2017 Ringmore

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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Words November 2017

HASH:   4 Nov 2017                                   

VENUE:  Fermoys Garden Centre, Ipplepen        

HARES:  McFee, No Style & Polecat

We were directed to park away from the garden centre parking and go over near the Birds of Prey area.  Mc Fee told us the usual blurb and reminded us we had to be out of the car park by 5.30 otherwise we would be locked in.  A good gathering of hashers this month with 2 new virgin A2Bers – Scoop & Hardlards from Haldon Hash.  Mavis volunteered to be RA & Bilko volunteered to scribe.

We jogged thru the village of Ipplepen and then out onto bridlepaths.  About a couple of miles into the trail the shorts came upon a check and despite checking for quite a long way along each path we couldn’t find any marks, in fact Whisperer claims he did an extra 2 miles searching for the correct route.  One of the hares turned up but he hadn’t laid this bit so we were none the wiser.  We were thinking all was lost so went back to the check again and hurrah a hare had been thru and showed us the correct way. 

Paperwork was also having difficulties on the long run, he face dived into a bed of stinging nettles and at one point the longs couldn’t find the trail, this time it wasn’t a hare that rescued them but the shorts.
It must be getting near to Christmas because we had lots of goodies at the first beer stop, cashew nuts as well as our usual salted peanuts and lots of chocolate, unfortunately not enough choc for That’s Crap who turned up just as the last piece was being taken.  We lingered longer than normal at this beer stop, in fact when Paperwork came to move on, he tripped over as a bramble had twined itself around his leg. 

At the 2nd beer stop Larks very kindly left some goodies on the side of a fence so the 6 walkers wouldn’t miss out.

We passed Berry Pomeroy castle – reputably the most haunted castle in Devon, Mavis was studying the info board carefully but when we got closer we realised he was having a pee.  She’s Ready also needed a wee around this time and Woof Woof appeared from behind a bush looking sheepish.  Bilko & Gym Slip also need to go except these two chose the warm toilets by the entrance to the castle. 

At one point Mavis was walking whilst Woof Woof was jogging along beside him, from the back they looked like Laurel and Hardy.

Mavis was taking his RA duties seriously as he was bragging that he had a lot of dirt to dish out on some of the hashers, one hasher declared that at her age she would be glad of even the tiniest bit of dirt to be said about her.  Mind you when we got to the pub the nominations seemed to be lacking as was our RA who had offered to escort Dobby & Wellread, they had to go home early as still recovering from the night before.  Much more interesting to escort 2 lovely ladies home than do his duties as RA.  In fact it was noticed that his flies were undone before he even left the pub!! 

He finally returned and the nominations were:

Paper Work – for his day of disasters
No Style – for sending us off on false trails
Scouting 4 Boys – who declined a free sample offered at the bar – which turned out to be beer.
There were a couple of others but they had already left.For the first time in hashing history more water than beer was drunk at the down-downs (not including S4B obviously) 

Next month’s trail 2 December – Ayrmer Cove, Ringmore.  SX649456 c/o Whisperer

On-On Bilko

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Words October 2017

Words  for Twiggy’s shiggy , Smeatharpe  07 October 2017

Meeting at New House Baptist church car park, in the beginning it looked a bit grey and wet. We lingered in the car park waiting for a roll call. She’s ready came to the fore and then Twiggy issued a million instructions , I looked a t Baby Powder to see if he got that…’’not sure’’ he replied; and we were off down the side of the airfield where the D-Day landings departed from, but today it was being used by the motor club screeching  cars up and down. On on into the metropolis of Smeatharpe, then on left down to Southey Moor. So far so good, only long grass to cross without  the cow pats. Then west to Middleton Barton (as if anyone knew that) to Lemon’s Hill, in the middle we encountered the sh..slope ( from the Blackdown Beast ) consisting of deep slurry filled divots . Mavis and Awesome got a bit in the sh*t here. Awesome, possibly some mud on her back  too.  A bunch of short-leggers went to cross a stream, to wash their shoes, and then unaware they’d gone wrong were whistled back by Twiggy . Big Bird and She’s ready unawares too, departed the trail for a shortcut on Lemon’s hill and Mavis went gallantly to get them back. He then got a left a bit behind on the trail (‘ no good favor goes unpunished’ ).  Meanwhile the long-leggers had sped to the top of Lemons hill. Flower power seen clearly going well aided by a ‘lock of beer’ taken the night before in Exmouth.  We met at the top of Bollom hill , and at last  made it to the first BS (about 7 miles )  hosted by Down in the woods ( Larks was away ) , but what a good spread. Woody and Gymslip and Sorepoint demolishing a third large plate of chocolate in about 35 seconds. On to leg 2 ( a C.R.A.F.T)  spell comes over me here , but lots of Shiggy ,& much chatting to Half Nelson about life down-under while the  longs apparently descended to’ Troake’ , and then Bakers farm had us finding Big Bird and She’s ready again at last .   Then we carried along the ridge onto Clive Hays farm, longs  going down and up, through another farm and onto BS2. Mavis finally caught up, so CG  gave him a large tumbler of ‘the French lager’ (maybe.. some trials of ‘other’ brands needed). Leg 3 went onto Upottery , longs &  shorts along the green lane, longs on a right turn nature trail with lots of  deep slurry filled divots awaiting (DSFD’s) . Just prior to Charles Hayes farm, Chewing gum and Square root crossed into Wham & Just Bull who having got a bit lost skipped through the ONN Inn to the  Sidmouth Arms . Myself and Square root skidded along behind through the slurry finally making it. A good stretch had been had by all. Thanks for the stretch Twiggy.(Skippy covered 30 km so probably did the most spattering of DSFD’s)

Down Downs:

Awesome:  a slip in the slurry, Paper-work: no clean post hash shoes
Big Bird and She’s ready: for going wrong and short-cutting
Up-root and Square root: A to B virgins
Down in the woods: for being a g stand in Dray (brilliantly done) 

A VERY BIG Thanks  to  She’s ready( Hare raiser), TC (GM),  SorePoint ( hash cash ) , for this year’s fabulous RUN’s, and continued  organization of the Devon A to B Hash Harriers.
Another  VERY BIG Thanks  to  She’s ready( Hare raiser), TC (GM),  SorePoint ( hash cash ) , for NEXT year’s fabulous  and continued  running and organization of the Devon A to B Hash Harriers.
AGM annual awards results,
Best Dray: Larks,

Pollock of the year : Whisperer

Best Down Down: No Stile

Wettest Trail: She’s ready & TC

Hasher of the Year: Sorepoint

Shiggiest trail: Twiggy

Most Scenic Trai : Cousteau

Scribe of the year: Twiggy

R.A of the year: T.C.

Best on Down : Fingle Bridge

November’s Hash:  Ipplepen, Totnes ; Hare:  McPhee







Saturday, 2 September 2017

Words September 2017

A fine sunny late summer day, we rolled into the scenic car-park above Labrador bay .  A short intro from T.C. who asked for a scribe and after much hasher Tarmac staring, I raised my hand; a small applause followed.  Then T.C. having offered out the R.A.  job, but with no takers, resigned himself to being the R.A. once more.

Leg 1. Off we trotted onto the coastal path, very fine views of the blue sky and blue sea. Longs went more onto the left toward Teignmouth than the shorts who shot down to the cliff path. Later, the longs looped back-around and down and up again.Then on-on in the trees and woods by the sea to catch the shorts on our way toward Maidencombe. Tequila,Wobbly and McFee shorted on the short , but it was not much cut-off! We all ascended a big hill, then turned right, headed inland and had Beer Stop 1 on a lane midway down a hill heading into a village named what sounded like Stokedinthehead. Paperwork floundered with the sweets.

Leg 2. We passed through a quaint village called Stokeinteignhead, and then headed up a short incline, neh mountain climb, out of the village lasting about 9 miles, then we dropped into the shanty town of Shaldon (full of rusty banger cars) and crossed the estuary, ran down the side of the railway tracks and on to Beer Stop 2. The estuary looked very fine in the sunshine, and we came to rest at BS2; namely Lark’s Vomit’s bachelor coastal Chateau! Kindly his conveniences were available to the Hash, but for men it was ‘’up there’’, and for women, “let me escort you…’’

Leg3. Really just a very lot of bloddy tarmac, and a screech around the suburban streets of Teignmouth  (at least that was all for the longs).

Down Downs:

Hares - 3D, Peanut, Lark’s Vomit

Paperwork - for spilling the sweets at BS1, T.C. re-presented them to him in dog Poo bag ..

Twiggy (Taunton H3/Chard H3- for forgetting to pay and display on arrival and causing the more unfit Chewing Gum to return and go begging for ‘new pound coins’

Twiggy – (Holden H3) for having seen the men on motorcycles then announcing  that those leather clad men do it for her,  or something like that..

Hairy Mollusc - for announcing he was doing the Park Run as a warm up, but not actually doing it.

No Styles - for announcing he was doing the Park Run as a warm up, and doing it.

Rise and Shine - for stitching up T.C. on the full-moon hash with the lunatic award, scribe duty, and still causing him to cook tea.

Lastly, December’s A2B was nominated to Whisperer who then later volunteered for it.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Words August 2017

August 2017

Here are the words according to Sorepoint:  

We arrived in the White Cross Car Park to a flustered Larks, not knowing if he was in the right place or not.  The car park wasn’t the largest ever and what with a burnt out car taking up some of the space we had to be creative whilst missing tree stumps. 

Circling up a little later than usual after waiting for TC and SR to arrive, instructions were given and I volunteered to scribe this month.

Off we went out of the car park along a muddy track, this was going to be a bit of a theme this month.  Along we went until we found a bit of a swing. Lets have a play we thought. pic supplied.  Then I thought, I recognise that yellow car - we’re back at the car park - is it a beer stop already?  But no, off we went out of the car park again and over the road to continue the trail.  Tenzing advised me as we ran past that three more hashers had arrived after the off - Flem and Hardon and one hasher he didn’t recognise, who could that be we wondered?  We will have to wait and see.

More trail followed - I never know where I am, but Strava reckons I went through Sudbury at some point.  Think this may be where we found Larks for the first time.  Still no sign of the mystery hasher.

Off we go again, more up than down in my mind.  On one of these downs we came upon some Alpacas being walked on a lead like a dog - well, why not I suppose.

We found Larks again on a grassy bit by the road and the shorts tucked in.  No sign of the longs.  Then, who was to appear, but BellToll - the mystery has been solved!  He had gone long after a late start and not caught up in time for the first regroup, so went short second time round and found us.

Off we went again on another short loop and found Larks again.  This was actually where the beer stop was supposed to be so the sneaky shorts had a third stop and a few more sweeties (I really shouldn’t have opened the cheddars at this point) and off we went again.

We found ourselves on Farway common, then on to a road for a bit of a run in to the Hare and Hounds.  We had arrived!

Excellent run thanks hares, and an excellent pub to finish at.  About a dozen of us stayed after the Down Downs to eat and it was really good food - recommended.

 Down Downs went to:

The hares, Brushoff, Tenzing and Grasshopper
The Virgins: Paul and Tequila Sunset (apologies to Pink 2 Lips who should have been included here, but I know her so well I forgot she was a virgin!
Buzby: for visiting at the pub at the end, and not doing the trail
No Style - for missing a puddle
Flower Power - for not listening to the hares
Scouting and Hairy for listening but still getting it wrong!

OnOn till next month.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Words July 2017

Flour power brought it to my attention that they had been some talk about bottom smacking and the young hares. Never did quite get the full story even at the down down as our RA chewing gum was still missing in action.

We ended up on the south west coast path heading towards Weston where us back hasher came across some rid the faster ones enjoying a dip in the sea. Sorepoint and I took a paddle in the river section that was flowing down before enjoying another upward haul.

It wasn’t long before we were heading towards the beer stop and a few if us took the advantage of a given shirt cut. Although the path seemed to keep going and going. We reached the second beer stop and it was then that twiggy started to worry were her other half was. With a bit of technology on the hash we knew he wasn’t with 3D who had already made his way to a beer garden and was sat enjoying a cider. Just as we were all about to set off on the next leg chewing gum made an appearance. Supplies taken from the beer stop and off he went.
The next part took us in and through the donkey sanctuary but no time to stop for an ice cream. We then completed a figure if 8 and had our 3rd beer stop at the first place which then made sense to a hash Mark we saw earlier on the trail. Back off up another hill and made our way into Sidmouth where again a few took the opportunity to have a dip in the sea.

Off to the on down and the down down went to the below:
The Hares
HIV for refusing a hug from twiggy who had enjoyed a dip in the sea
Ej for chatting to a walker whilst on route.
Paperwork for scavenging off the un eaten food in the pub left by others
Chewing gum getting lost
Snowy for losing his flour container from laying the trail.
Great trail about 10 5 for shorts and 15 for the kings
On on Double D

Next trail 05/08/17 from White Cross c/p, East Hill, Ottery St Mary (SY115924) c/o Tenzig and Brushoff
Hares are still needed for 2nd December.