Wednesday, 31 December 2014

January A2B Buckfastleigh Train Station

03/01/15 : Buckfastleigh train station (South Devon Railway) car park TQ11 0DZ.  Will need to bring transport money on trail (£4-£5) c/o Hole in One and friends

Monday, 8 December 2014

December Words - folliowing within hours of the trail - Well done Moonflower

Sat December 6th 2014       91st Devon A to B  Hares Gymslip & HIV

A was Filham Park, Ivybridge 12.30 meet

B was revealed later


We had Bilco, Contagious,  Hairy Mollusc, Happy Shopper,  HIV, Lark’s Vomit, Legover, Madam Cyn, Man-Pig, Moonflower, Paperwork, She’s Ready, So Far, Sorepoint, Yeuk, Swinger, Sally Beaver &, finally, Camp David.


Basking in the sunshine Manpig welcomed Virgin Camp David and returning Moonflower.  The hasherettes, far outnumbering the opposite sex, admitted their partners were being hidden under patios, which were being  laid left right and centre,  by That’s Crap so he wasn’t there either.

We were informed it was 3 and 6 so Yeuk pointed out it was 9 or 12


The trail was laid yesterday so some of the flour wasn’t quite so obvious, but we found it easily, 8 longs meeting in sychronisation with the shorts at the first beer stop, where Larks kindly looked after us.  We really missed him at the second beerstop , he was already in the pub having been shunted by tractors and horses. 


There were lots of ups and downs so we were rewarded with some beautiful far reaching views, plenty of mud, water and footpaths linked


Paperwork was our RA and nominated for the downdowns in no particular order but thanks for the beer


Hairy Mollusc for cycling over a broom, coming off and whacking his nose, very grazed- that’s Halloween done

Larks for being our superhero, watering and feeding us

She’s Ready who’d really also buried TC under a patio

Moonflower for following Hairy to Filham in a very roundabout way, collecting Happy Shopper en route, even though HIV had given foolproof instructions


B was the Crooked Spire Inn at Ermington,  Dave’d stayed open especially, and had a roaring fire to welcome us and kindly served us even while we waiting for our bags.  He also insisted we used the ladies, hot running water! To change, how soft can you get


We all had a lovely afternoon.


Many thank to the hares Gymslip and HIV and thanks to Legover who gradually got everyone back to A


Lost Property of a pair of gloves is with SorePoint


Next A to B is from the station at Buckfastleigh next to the Butterfly farm, please bring some money on the run


There are plans afoot to celebrate the 100th A to B as an away weekend the first weekend of September


November Words -Dawlish 3D

November A2B  Dawlish Leisure Centre


We all congregated on a reasonably sunny day in the leisure centre carpark, so conveniently had use of the toilet facilities.

Initially it appeared to be rather a poor turnout but several arrived at 12.45 to swell the ranks, and it must be noted that MANPIG actually arrived early !!

We were given the lowdown by our virgin A2B hare 3D and off we went.

The long & short soon split,the shorts making their way through the town and the longs looping to redo the bit they had just run !

We all headed one way or another to the first beer stop at Pitt Farm where Vomit & Contageous proceeded to have a water fight where unfortunately another female hasher got a soaking.

After the usual good selection of goodies & drinks courtesy of  Larks we set off

again along lanes and footpaths with the longs almost reaching the Obelisk on Haldon Hill but turning just a few hundred metres from it, a bit disappointing not seeing the view after climbing that high. The shorts turned well before and all headed to the 2nd beerstop near Broom House the decent to which being rather impressive, this is where Clouseau ran back up the hill as the trail was not hard/long enough !!

Gaffer unusually ? struggled to keep up due to being old & injured and Bigfoot wanting to take a short cut offered by the hare decided not to as he didn’t want to lose face in front of several harriets !

B turned out to B a friendly pub not too far from A,and on comparing Garmin’s it was decided that the long trail was about 12 miles & the short 9.

Mrs hare had laid on a decent spread with donations for the catering going to the Poppy Appeal.

Fallen Woman stepped in as RA and gave several down downs to hashers for their misdemeanours,but as being pen & paperless I can only remember 3D,Contageous & Captain Peacock getting down downs……


ON ON   to December



Monday, 10 November 2014

December 6th Filham Country Park, Ivybridge PL21 0LE c/o Gymslip and HIV

06/12/14: Filham Country Park, Ivybridge PL21 0LE c/o Gymslip and HIV
Directions from westbound A38:  Exit A38 at the main Ivybridge exit (2nd Ivybridge exit, not the one marked Park and Ride). At end of slip road, turn left.
Then take 1st left turn (st Peters Way).  Turn right into the lane on the right of the Vet’s Surgery.

Last one of the year - let's make it a good one.

Monday, 20 October 2014

November A2B 1St November 2014 UPDATE

November’s A to B will be from Dawlish Leisure Centre car park, Sandy Lane EX7 0AF

Hare is 3D (who has very kindly stepped in for Captain Peacock).


Late update
Torches advised for last leg - not because it will be 6pm or anything crazy but will be coming through a wooded area which could well be dark/dimpsy depending on time and weather.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

October A2B words as written by the Hares

Sounds like a pretty apathetic lot turned up in October as the RA couldn't be bothered to give down downs and nobody could be bothered with the words - love that Sorepoint has turned that to her advantage and credited the trail with being the best ever- wish I had been there.

Many rivers to cross
But I can't seem to find my way over
Wandering I am lost
As I travel along the white cliffs of dover

 Well the rain did wash away all of the chalk marks & quite a bit of the flour, but if jimmy cliff got to dover, he doesn’t have to wonder about being lost he definitely went too far without dust. 4 rivers in all.

Well the 1st was a stream where every one must have had a paddle. 2nd very scanky under the dual carriage way which a few intrepid longs endured, all that was missing in it was the obligatory supermarket trolly. 3rd just before the 2nd beer stop, which one of the hares produced a risk assesment for another small group of longs braved & even though the heavy rains made it deeper we got away with wading across up to our nips. The last river crossing was another paddle just before the pub, giving a opportunity to clean shoes & legs without any more mud before the ‘B’ now how thoughtful of the Hares.

That was the view of the day from Paperwork, the mad Hare. 

Sorepoint saw it a little differently.
I was glad to see a good turn out at Knightshayes Court, as it was a little further to travel for most.  Hairy and Lizbien even brought the camper van in case they got lost along the way.

Finding each other in the car park proved a little difficult, but was achieved in the end. We welcomed a few virgins – Baby Powder from Taunton Hash, Bollards from City of Exeter and Cbeebies from either Haldon or Plympton, I’m not sure.

The Hares warned of the lack of flour due to the torrential rain we endured in the night and off we went into the woods. The trail was reasonably easy to find in the woods, being partially sheltered by the trees and we wound round a while, crossing into parkland and in front of the imposing fa├žade of Knightsayes house itself. Out onto the road we went through a ford and down an extremely long and wet green lane to the roundabout with the A361 in Tiverton. A few went long and under the carriageway, a few went short and cut that bit out, and a few thought they’d gone long but had infact gone short and got to the regroup first.

At this point it was evident that all the flour/chalk that had been laid in the next section had completely disappeared, so off I went to try and live hare that section. Now, I am not known for my speed and I have never tried to live hare anything before so I was very surprised when it was going swimmingly and I was still ahead of the pack ten minutes later. However, my inexperience soon showed, as I realised I’d not brought enough flour and had run out completely. There was nothing for it but to wait for the pack, and wait I did. About ten mins later I saw Happy Shopper coming up the road, followed by Hairy, Baby Powder, Cbeebies and ManPig with Kura in tow (or should that be Kura with Manpig in tow?). Anyway I explained the problem and Hairy helpfully found me a stone to try and scratch a trail out with on the tarmac. Off I went again, but this wasn’t working so well and they got a bit lost!

Luckily I found them again just before going through the People’s Park and out to Tiverton Castle and round to the River Exe, where Paperwork was loitering, wondering where we were as the majority of the pack had gone short and arrived safely at the next regroup. Paperwork proceeded to take over the long route and took a couple of intrepid hashers through the river as mentioned above.

Off we went again down river following mostly the Exe Valley Way down to the Trout Inn at Bickley, which was a very welcoming B for this month.

Down Downs were given by anyone who wanted to as Happy Shopper didn’t really want to be bothered by this time, and the Hare’s have had to write the words for their own run as no one could be bothered to do that either!

Never mind. It was the best A-B anyone has ever laid, ever! Even if I do say so myself!


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

October A to B TIVERTON

 Knighthayes Court, Bodham

Tiverton EX16 7RQ . (National Trust property, go through car park to “additional parking”). c/o Sorepoint and Paperwork.

Monday, 1 September 2014

September A2B

Here is September’s location (06/09/14) : Hannahs, Seale-Hayne, Newton Abbot, TQ12 6NQ.  Hares: Big Foot, Shortie and Rise n Shine.

The A2B is linked with Haldon H3 weekend.

See you all there

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

August words

Date 2/08/2014

A Staddiscombe Sports Centre C/P

B Hotel Mount Batten

Hare HIV assisted by She’s Ready

Beermaster Larks Vomit and Bloody Dog

An eventful hash started in the kind of car park they used to film the Sweeny pretty disreputable all round; which suited the motley crew of hashers that had put in an appeared defiantly many individuals with previous! Things were said at the circle up but don’t ask me I was still tying my shoelaces.

Any way off we trot me and Top shelf getting the first bit of shortcutting in early by going through the playing field which led to a kissing gate which I remember well as one amorous Harriett decided to take advantage of me in the kissing gate. So thanks very much J

Another mile or so brought some dastardly acts as Mollusc and That’s Crap called us willing fools into a false on-on where thy ambushed us at a large puddle with lots of muddy water play. What a pair of rotter’s

Still as it turned out this was a prophecy of what was to come for after some pleasant rural jogging we came to the mighty river Yealm or at least its tributary the Cofflete. This provided a challenging perambulation through glorious riverfront scenery as an estate agent may describe it or more accurately a long wade through S*&t !!!! A special mention to Rise and Shine here for totally ignoring me shouting to her the easy route to go through but rather in her wisdom she swam through the mud ..doh.

The next leg led us to Wembury down through fields of high crops bordered by a colourful spray of wild flowers; which as you may tell from my prose I was quite taken with? First beer stop at Wembury where with the help of Larks fine victuals we managed to lower the property prices to negative equity.

On and out down to the beach after a couple of false starts and a field of bullocks the trail was a little sparsely marked from this point on  but in such wonderful scenery who could care.. it was bloody reassuring to see HIV on top of arise though.

Through fields to next beer stop then myself and a brace of the Haldon Ladies had a jolly time being lost for some time as the trail had done one..a little divine inspiration from yours truly and we found a trail where soon HIV reappeared to guide us in. I was right at the back at this point with a very limp ankle so made it to Mount Batten eventually.

Down Downs were given but as I had to go I don’t know who too..but im sure they bloody deserved it

Love & Kisses


On too Hannahs at Seale Haine, Mutant Rabbit. On 6th September J

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Words for July

Date 05/07/14

A A random Sidmouth Carpark
B Sidmouth Seafront
Hare:- Cousteau
Hashers:-Thats Crap ,Shes Ready,Gymslip,Legover,Vomit,Co(u)ntaguous,Bigfoot,Shorty,Gaffer,Yeuck,Sorepoint,Paperwork,Hotlips,Zoot,Captain Peacock, HIV,Fester (sorry if I've missed you out,thats all I could remember)

Beermaster:- Larks + helpers.
We circled up in a quiet carpark on a relatively sunny day to listen to Thats Crap (in Manpigs absence) give us the usual speel and send us on our way.
First through Manor Park where Yeuck was the first casualty of the day,taking a fall but with a
quick recovery continued on her way.
We then made out way via lanes and paths out to Harpford Common and on up to the Fire Beacon
for a magnificent view of the surrounding area.After a short regroup we made our way back down
to Harpford Woods then along by Hayne Hill almost reaching the river Otter but doubling back and
heading for Sidmouth town.During this time Fester incured an injury and Bigfoot narrowly avoided
one !
The last leg saw us running along the coast to B on the seafront infront of the RLNI building.
Vomit & Gaffer proceeded to strip off for a swim with Co(u)ntagious venturing in up to her
waist,then thinking better of it and retreating.
Our R A Captain Peacock with the help of Thats Crap gave down downs to many a worthy hasher
(again can't remember whom,no pen)!



Monday, 28 July 2014

Words for June A2B Shatnav

Words courtesy of Rearender who's currently on a pedal in Benidorm! Hence Words are a bit haphazard as sent from bouncy boat buoyed on an ocean of sangria!Hola amigos

Hash notes from seventh June 2014Apologies for the tardy arrival of these hash notes.If I recall rightly this was a humid old day with no rain - fair old cloud covering BUT about 50% full on sun to keep those of us with a vitamin d addiction well happy.Shat Nav maintained his reputation as a lame navigator  - reminding us all how he got his name by losing the trail and several hashers on the outskirts of Stokeinteignhead.
Looking back at the electronic hash notes I can include the following quotes from fellow hashers all recorded during the trail 'Poor overworked rearender'  'Too many hills' 'Too many views ' 'Hasn't the Hare got a Shit sense of direction ' 'Yay I've lost my wife' 'Hes been doing  some agricultural tests with chemicals which affect your sense if direction'
'I wish more Harriet's wore mumblies'
'Poor reArendr she's so busy can't believe Manpig nominated her for the words'
'Too much road''I expect the B will be crown and sceptre'I expect B will be Coombes cellars''I expect b will be wild goose''Isn't rearender too busy to be writing the words, someone should help out'
'I didn't know Brunel made totem poles'
'Zen's been shoplifting'
'Big foot has lost shorty and he's celebrating'
'Cant believe rearender has been given words to write'
'Dr dr Why did the blind chicken cross the road? - pull yourself

together man!'
'Knock knock who's there - to get to the other side'
'Nicholas ladies should take care bending over'
'Shes ready had been looking at that penis on the building site'
'Are we on? Shat nav's lost the plot the trail and my respect'
'Great trail shat nav'
'So nice to end a hash with a semi '
'This is a Multi sex open air shower'


And then there were the traditional hash awards

These went to-Number 2 who was mauled by own dog-Tit willow for taking the piss out of forest by standing on one leg in circle- All the way for cleaning her  feet in the toilet-Woof woof for going down-Paperclip fir shitting in woodsHash announcementThere is a Weekend away with the lovely Haldon hash at seale hayne.September time. Transvestites in red. Running and beer- usual japes.

On on




Sent from my her  iPhone in Spain - dedication to Hashing and explains some of the renaming I wasn't there but guess it was Paperwork that got caught short.