Saturday, 2 September 2017

Words September 2017

A fine sunny late summer day, we rolled into the scenic car-park above Labrador bay .  A short intro from T.C. who asked for a scribe and after much hasher Tarmac staring, I raised my hand; a small applause followed.  Then T.C. having offered out the R.A.  job, but with no takers, resigned himself to being the R.A. once more.

Leg 1. Off we trotted onto the coastal path, very fine views of the blue sky and blue sea. Longs went more onto the left toward Teignmouth than the shorts who shot down to the cliff path. Later, the longs looped back-around and down and up again.Then on-on in the trees and woods by the sea to catch the shorts on our way toward Maidencombe. Tequila,Wobbly and McFee shorted on the short , but it was not much cut-off! We all ascended a big hill, then turned right, headed inland and had Beer Stop 1 on a lane midway down a hill heading into a village named what sounded like Stokedinthehead. Paperwork floundered with the sweets.

Leg 2. We passed through a quaint village called Stokeinteignhead, and then headed up a short incline, neh mountain climb, out of the village lasting about 9 miles, then we dropped into the shanty town of Shaldon (full of rusty banger cars) and crossed the estuary, ran down the side of the railway tracks and on to Beer Stop 2. The estuary looked very fine in the sunshine, and we came to rest at BS2; namely Lark’s Vomit’s bachelor coastal Chateau! Kindly his conveniences were available to the Hash, but for men it was ‘’up there’’, and for women, “let me escort you…’’

Leg3. Really just a very lot of bloddy tarmac, and a screech around the suburban streets of Teignmouth  (at least that was all for the longs).

Down Downs:

Hares - 3D, Peanut, Lark’s Vomit

Paperwork - for spilling the sweets at BS1, T.C. re-presented them to him in dog Poo bag ..

Twiggy (Taunton H3/Chard H3- for forgetting to pay and display on arrival and causing the more unfit Chewing Gum to return and go begging for ‘new pound coins’

Twiggy – (Holden H3) for having seen the men on motorcycles then announcing  that those leather clad men do it for her,  or something like that..

Hairy Mollusc - for announcing he was doing the Park Run as a warm up, but not actually doing it.

No Styles - for announcing he was doing the Park Run as a warm up, and doing it.

Rise and Shine - for stitching up T.C. on the full-moon hash with the lunatic award, scribe duty, and still causing him to cook tea.

Lastly, December’s A2B was nominated to Whisperer who then later volunteered for it.

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