Saturday, 7 October 2017

Words October 2017

Words  for Twiggy’s shiggy , Smeatharpe  07 October 2017

Meeting at New House Baptist church car park, in the beginning it looked a bit grey and wet. We lingered in the car park waiting for a roll call. She’s ready came to the fore and then Twiggy issued a million instructions , I looked a t Baby Powder to see if he got that…’’not sure’’ he replied; and we were off down the side of the airfield where the D-Day landings departed from, but today it was being used by the motor club screeching  cars up and down. On on into the metropolis of Smeatharpe, then on left down to Southey Moor. So far so good, only long grass to cross without  the cow pats. Then west to Middleton Barton (as if anyone knew that) to Lemon’s Hill, in the middle we encountered the sh..slope ( from the Blackdown Beast ) consisting of deep slurry filled divots . Mavis and Awesome got a bit in the sh*t here. Awesome, possibly some mud on her back  too.  A bunch of short-leggers went to cross a stream, to wash their shoes, and then unaware they’d gone wrong were whistled back by Twiggy . Big Bird and She’s ready unawares too, departed the trail for a shortcut on Lemon’s hill and Mavis went gallantly to get them back. He then got a left a bit behind on the trail (‘ no good favor goes unpunished’ ).  Meanwhile the long-leggers had sped to the top of Lemons hill. Flower power seen clearly going well aided by a ‘lock of beer’ taken the night before in Exmouth.  We met at the top of Bollom hill , and at last  made it to the first BS (about 7 miles )  hosted by Down in the woods ( Larks was away ) , but what a good spread. Woody and Gymslip and Sorepoint demolishing a third large plate of chocolate in about 35 seconds. On to leg 2 ( a C.R.A.F.T)  spell comes over me here , but lots of Shiggy ,& much chatting to Half Nelson about life down-under while the  longs apparently descended to’ Troake’ , and then Bakers farm had us finding Big Bird and She’s ready again at last .   Then we carried along the ridge onto Clive Hays farm, longs  going down and up, through another farm and onto BS2. Mavis finally caught up, so CG  gave him a large tumbler of ‘the French lager’ (maybe.. some trials of ‘other’ brands needed). Leg 3 went onto Upottery , longs &  shorts along the green lane, longs on a right turn nature trail with lots of  deep slurry filled divots awaiting (DSFD’s) . Just prior to Charles Hayes farm, Chewing gum and Square root crossed into Wham & Just Bull who having got a bit lost skipped through the ONN Inn to the  Sidmouth Arms . Myself and Square root skidded along behind through the slurry finally making it. A good stretch had been had by all. Thanks for the stretch Twiggy.(Skippy covered 30 km so probably did the most spattering of DSFD’s)

Down Downs:

Awesome:  a slip in the slurry, Paper-work: no clean post hash shoes
Big Bird and She’s ready: for going wrong and short-cutting
Up-root and Square root: A to B virgins
Down in the woods: for being a g stand in Dray (brilliantly done) 

A VERY BIG Thanks  to  She’s ready( Hare raiser), TC (GM),  SorePoint ( hash cash ) , for this year’s fabulous RUN’s, and continued  organization of the Devon A to B Hash Harriers.
Another  VERY BIG Thanks  to  She’s ready( Hare raiser), TC (GM),  SorePoint ( hash cash ) , for NEXT year’s fabulous  and continued  running and organization of the Devon A to B Hash Harriers.
AGM annual awards results,
Best Dray: Larks,

Pollock of the year : Whisperer

Best Down Down: No Stile

Wettest Trail: She’s ready & TC

Hasher of the Year: Sorepoint

Shiggiest trail: Twiggy

Most Scenic Trai : Cousteau

Scribe of the year: Twiggy

R.A of the year: T.C.

Best on Down : Fingle Bridge

November’s Hash:  Ipplepen, Totnes ; Hare:  McPhee







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