Saturday, 4 November 2017

Words November 2017

HASH:   4 Nov 2017                                   

VENUE:  Fermoys Garden Centre, Ipplepen        

HARES:  McFee, No Style & Polecat

We were directed to park away from the garden centre parking and go over near the Birds of Prey area.  Mc Fee told us the usual blurb and reminded us we had to be out of the car park by 5.30 otherwise we would be locked in.  A good gathering of hashers this month with 2 new virgin A2Bers – Scoop & Hardlards from Haldon Hash.  Mavis volunteered to be RA & Bilko volunteered to scribe.

We jogged thru the village of Ipplepen and then out onto bridlepaths.  About a couple of miles into the trail the shorts came upon a check and despite checking for quite a long way along each path we couldn’t find any marks, in fact Whisperer claims he did an extra 2 miles searching for the correct route.  One of the hares turned up but he hadn’t laid this bit so we were none the wiser.  We were thinking all was lost so went back to the check again and hurrah a hare had been thru and showed us the correct way. 

Paperwork was also having difficulties on the long run, he face dived into a bed of stinging nettles and at one point the longs couldn’t find the trail, this time it wasn’t a hare that rescued them but the shorts.
It must be getting near to Christmas because we had lots of goodies at the first beer stop, cashew nuts as well as our usual salted peanuts and lots of chocolate, unfortunately not enough choc for That’s Crap who turned up just as the last piece was being taken.  We lingered longer than normal at this beer stop, in fact when Paperwork came to move on, he tripped over as a bramble had twined itself around his leg. 

At the 2nd beer stop Larks very kindly left some goodies on the side of a fence so the 6 walkers wouldn’t miss out.

We passed Berry Pomeroy castle – reputably the most haunted castle in Devon, Mavis was studying the info board carefully but when we got closer we realised he was having a pee.  She’s Ready also needed a wee around this time and Woof Woof appeared from behind a bush looking sheepish.  Bilko & Gym Slip also need to go except these two chose the warm toilets by the entrance to the castle. 

At one point Mavis was walking whilst Woof Woof was jogging along beside him, from the back they looked like Laurel and Hardy.

Mavis was taking his RA duties seriously as he was bragging that he had a lot of dirt to dish out on some of the hashers, one hasher declared that at her age she would be glad of even the tiniest bit of dirt to be said about her.  Mind you when we got to the pub the nominations seemed to be lacking as was our RA who had offered to escort Dobby & Wellread, they had to go home early as still recovering from the night before.  Much more interesting to escort 2 lovely ladies home than do his duties as RA.  In fact it was noticed that his flies were undone before he even left the pub!! 

He finally returned and the nominations were:

Paper Work – for his day of disasters
No Style – for sending us off on false trails
Scouting 4 Boys – who declined a free sample offered at the bar – which turned out to be beer.
There were a couple of others but they had already left.For the first time in hashing history more water than beer was drunk at the down-downs (not including S4B obviously) 

Next month’s trail 2 December – Ayrmer Cove, Ringmore.  SX649456 c/o Whisperer

On-On Bilko

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