Monday 27 August 2018


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HHHey Hashers!

Dont forget to join us for our 150th run on the 7th Dec at the former RAF station, Harrowbeer, Roborough Down, Yelverton, Plymouth.

Grid Ref: SX518677
Nearest postcode: PL206HX
What3words: Prude.Spectacle.Hairstyle.

Hares: She's Ready, HIV and Bilko.

Would great to see a big turnout for our 150th celebration.🎂🍻🏃💃

  • From Plymouth, A386 towards Tavistock. 
  • Turn left just before Yelverton roundabout, signposted Drake Trail car park ad Leg O'mutton.
  • Then take immediate left over the cattle grid.


Friday 4 May 2018

Just a quick reminder that this month’s A2B is tomorrow (Saturday 5/5/18) from 

Peak Hill car Park, Sidmouth SY109872 c/o Woody and Gymslip

Wednesday 28 February 2018

Words February 2018

Observations and Misdemeanor's

Of A to B Hash No 100 and something!


                     23 hardy hashers circled up at Plympton Health Centre car park expecting the worst, as previous January hashes laid by Thats Crap included rain, hail, snow and plague of locusts.

                     Scribe volunteered (coerced) into position.

                     RA'ing duties awarded to TC by himself, To ensure truly impartial summing up of hash.

                     Normal rubbish from Hares regarding distances and amount of flour used. Some comment about She's Ready and her mouth !

                     Virgin A to B hasher Boaty Mc Boatface suffering nervous tension, but reluctant to visit local toilets due to distance. Whisperer happy to extend his Strava miles with run and back from WC's, necessitated by earlier drinking !

                     All bags dropped safely into bag car, always important to have clothes at point B.

                     Hash started with  nice run around a park taking in a small copse that appeared to double as a local crack den.

                     Moonflower, on arriving late, proceeds to carry all her belongings onto hash, concerened hashers were worried that she appeared to be carrying a small child in her rucksack.

         Thats Crap, being the Gentleman he is, offered to hold moonflowers

         rucksack, enabling her to run off.

                     Bell Toll was heard moaning that the shorts were in fact longer than the longs, (never believe the hares !) clearly the shorts needed extra mile training.

                     Tripple Top, in his eagerness to “win” the hash misses TC's impromptu Re Group, organised with his mother who played the part of the damsel in distress stuck in the mud. (What was she actully thinking of taking her car down that track ?)

                     Gaffer, running on home turf and knowing the lay of the land (never straying far from TC's house) took to hiding behind trees and using his full commando training to avoid getting his shoes muddy.

                     Paperwork, true to form, encounters a code brown and has to seek out a tree to perform duties, trying to avoid the one Gaffer is hiding behind.

                     Virgin Boaty now in full swing, goes all Rambo and rips his top, ties his buff into a bandana and smears mud all over his face.

                     Dim-Wit on being pressganged into scribe duties is now convinced TC has a vendetta agaist him and a down down is a formality.

                     Whisperer, now feeling the effects of cumalative beer consumption falls over, citing rough terrain and lack of correct risk assesments from the hares.

                     Flage-No-Lay having been left behind on the mountainous climbing section, shorts cuts to the first beer stop, enabling her to get first dibs on the cakes.

                     Hashers on arriving at point B are directed back to the bag car, that appears to be parked in a car park not unlike point A.

                     Bilko having spent too long drinking in the pub at point B, reluctantly makes her way back to the bag car, to find that She's Ready has got bored and gone home for a shower, after much searching she returns to point B minus bag and soaking wet due to impromptu downpour.


                     Overall a very good hash with plenty of shiggy, water and good banter.

                     Anyone else wonder how TC's small bottle of flour never ran out when he was sweeping ? Dark forces at work.


                     Down Downs were awarded to ( I think)

                     Hares TC and SR

                     Moonflower for leaving TC holding the bag

                     Gaffer for playing hide and seek

                     Virgin Boaty for going all Macho

                     Bilko for moaning about luggage

                     Bell Toll for treating hash as a race

                     Hairy Mollusc for tactical showering


                     And for some strange reason, Flage-No-Lay and Dim-Wit were awarded iced water down down's, due to Flage stating that no-one could beat her in a gulping contest.


                     ON ON Dimmers