Saturday, 8 July 2017

Words July 2017

Flour power brought it to my attention that they had been some talk about bottom smacking and the young hares. Never did quite get the full story even at the down down as our RA chewing gum was still missing in action.

We ended up on the south west coast path heading towards Weston where us back hasher came across some rid the faster ones enjoying a dip in the sea. Sorepoint and I took a paddle in the river section that was flowing down before enjoying another upward haul.

It wasn’t long before we were heading towards the beer stop and a few if us took the advantage of a given shirt cut. Although the path seemed to keep going and going. We reached the second beer stop and it was then that twiggy started to worry were her other half was. With a bit of technology on the hash we knew he wasn’t with 3D who had already made his way to a beer garden and was sat enjoying a cider. Just as we were all about to set off on the next leg chewing gum made an appearance. Supplies taken from the beer stop and off he went.
The next part took us in and through the donkey sanctuary but no time to stop for an ice cream. We then completed a figure if 8 and had our 3rd beer stop at the first place which then made sense to a hash Mark we saw earlier on the trail. Back off up another hill and made our way into Sidmouth where again a few took the opportunity to have a dip in the sea.

Off to the on down and the down down went to the below:
The Hares
HIV for refusing a hug from twiggy who had enjoyed a dip in the sea
Ej for chatting to a walker whilst on route.
Paperwork for scavenging off the un eaten food in the pub left by others
Chewing gum getting lost
Snowy for losing his flour container from laying the trail.
Great trail about 10 5 for shorts and 15 for the kings
On on Double D

Next trail 05/08/17 from White Cross c/p, East Hill, Ottery St Mary (SY115924) c/o Tenzig and Brushoff
Hares are still needed for 2nd December.

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