Monday, 8 December 2014

November Words -Dawlish 3D

November A2B  Dawlish Leisure Centre


We all congregated on a reasonably sunny day in the leisure centre carpark, so conveniently had use of the toilet facilities.

Initially it appeared to be rather a poor turnout but several arrived at 12.45 to swell the ranks, and it must be noted that MANPIG actually arrived early !!

We were given the lowdown by our virgin A2B hare 3D and off we went.

The long & short soon split,the shorts making their way through the town and the longs looping to redo the bit they had just run !

We all headed one way or another to the first beer stop at Pitt Farm where Vomit & Contageous proceeded to have a water fight where unfortunately another female hasher got a soaking.

After the usual good selection of goodies & drinks courtesy of  Larks we set off

again along lanes and footpaths with the longs almost reaching the Obelisk on Haldon Hill but turning just a few hundred metres from it, a bit disappointing not seeing the view after climbing that high. The shorts turned well before and all headed to the 2nd beerstop near Broom House the decent to which being rather impressive, this is where Clouseau ran back up the hill as the trail was not hard/long enough !!

Gaffer unusually ? struggled to keep up due to being old & injured and Bigfoot wanting to take a short cut offered by the hare decided not to as he didn’t want to lose face in front of several harriets !

B turned out to B a friendly pub not too far from A,and on comparing Garmin’s it was decided that the long trail was about 12 miles & the short 9.

Mrs hare had laid on a decent spread with donations for the catering going to the Poppy Appeal.

Fallen Woman stepped in as RA and gave several down downs to hashers for their misdemeanours,but as being pen & paperless I can only remember 3D,Contageous & Captain Peacock getting down downs……


ON ON   to December



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