Monday, 8 December 2014

December Words - folliowing within hours of the trail - Well done Moonflower

Sat December 6th 2014       91st Devon A to B  Hares Gymslip & HIV

A was Filham Park, Ivybridge 12.30 meet

B was revealed later


We had Bilco, Contagious,  Hairy Mollusc, Happy Shopper,  HIV, Lark’s Vomit, Legover, Madam Cyn, Man-Pig, Moonflower, Paperwork, She’s Ready, So Far, Sorepoint, Yeuk, Swinger, Sally Beaver &, finally, Camp David.


Basking in the sunshine Manpig welcomed Virgin Camp David and returning Moonflower.  The hasherettes, far outnumbering the opposite sex, admitted their partners were being hidden under patios, which were being  laid left right and centre,  by That’s Crap so he wasn’t there either.

We were informed it was 3 and 6 so Yeuk pointed out it was 9 or 12


The trail was laid yesterday so some of the flour wasn’t quite so obvious, but we found it easily, 8 longs meeting in sychronisation with the shorts at the first beer stop, where Larks kindly looked after us.  We really missed him at the second beerstop , he was already in the pub having been shunted by tractors and horses. 


There were lots of ups and downs so we were rewarded with some beautiful far reaching views, plenty of mud, water and footpaths linked


Paperwork was our RA and nominated for the downdowns in no particular order but thanks for the beer


Hairy Mollusc for cycling over a broom, coming off and whacking his nose, very grazed- that’s Halloween done

Larks for being our superhero, watering and feeding us

She’s Ready who’d really also buried TC under a patio

Moonflower for following Hairy to Filham in a very roundabout way, collecting Happy Shopper en route, even though HIV had given foolproof instructions


B was the Crooked Spire Inn at Ermington,  Dave’d stayed open especially, and had a roaring fire to welcome us and kindly served us even while we waiting for our bags.  He also insisted we used the ladies, hot running water! To change, how soft can you get


We all had a lovely afternoon.


Many thank to the hares Gymslip and HIV and thanks to Legover who gradually got everyone back to A


Lost Property of a pair of gloves is with SorePoint


Next A to B is from the station at Buckfastleigh next to the Butterfly farm, please bring some money on the run


There are plans afoot to celebrate the 100th A to B as an away weekend the first weekend of September


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