Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Words for July

Date 05/07/14

A A random Sidmouth Carpark
B Sidmouth Seafront
Hare:- Cousteau
Hashers:-Thats Crap ,Shes Ready,Gymslip,Legover,Vomit,Co(u)ntaguous,Bigfoot,Shorty,Gaffer,Yeuck,Sorepoint,Paperwork,Hotlips,Zoot,Captain Peacock, HIV,Fester (sorry if I've missed you out,thats all I could remember)

Beermaster:- Larks + helpers.
We circled up in a quiet carpark on a relatively sunny day to listen to Thats Crap (in Manpigs absence) give us the usual speel and send us on our way.
First through Manor Park where Yeuck was the first casualty of the day,taking a fall but with a
quick recovery continued on her way.
We then made out way via lanes and paths out to Harpford Common and on up to the Fire Beacon
for a magnificent view of the surrounding area.After a short regroup we made our way back down
to Harpford Woods then along by Hayne Hill almost reaching the river Otter but doubling back and
heading for Sidmouth town.During this time Fester incured an injury and Bigfoot narrowly avoided
one !
The last leg saw us running along the coast to B on the seafront infront of the RLNI building.
Vomit & Gaffer proceeded to strip off for a swim with Co(u)ntagious venturing in up to her
waist,then thinking better of it and retreating.
Our R A Captain Peacock with the help of Thats Crap gave down downs to many a worthy hasher
(again can't remember whom,no pen)!



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