Monday, 28 July 2014

Words for June A2B Shatnav

Words courtesy of Rearender who's currently on a pedal in Benidorm! Hence Words are a bit haphazard as sent from bouncy boat buoyed on an ocean of sangria!Hola amigos

Hash notes from seventh June 2014Apologies for the tardy arrival of these hash notes.If I recall rightly this was a humid old day with no rain - fair old cloud covering BUT about 50% full on sun to keep those of us with a vitamin d addiction well happy.Shat Nav maintained his reputation as a lame navigator  - reminding us all how he got his name by losing the trail and several hashers on the outskirts of Stokeinteignhead.
Looking back at the electronic hash notes I can include the following quotes from fellow hashers all recorded during the trail 'Poor overworked rearender'  'Too many hills' 'Too many views ' 'Hasn't the Hare got a Shit sense of direction ' 'Yay I've lost my wife' 'Hes been doing  some agricultural tests with chemicals which affect your sense if direction'
'I wish more Harriet's wore mumblies'
'Poor reArendr she's so busy can't believe Manpig nominated her for the words'
'Too much road''I expect the B will be crown and sceptre'I expect B will be Coombes cellars''I expect b will be wild goose''Isn't rearender too busy to be writing the words, someone should help out'
'I didn't know Brunel made totem poles'
'Zen's been shoplifting'
'Big foot has lost shorty and he's celebrating'
'Cant believe rearender has been given words to write'
'Dr dr Why did the blind chicken cross the road? - pull yourself

together man!'
'Knock knock who's there - to get to the other side'
'Nicholas ladies should take care bending over'
'Shes ready had been looking at that penis on the building site'
'Are we on? Shat nav's lost the plot the trail and my respect'
'Great trail shat nav'
'So nice to end a hash with a semi '
'This is a Multi sex open air shower'


And then there were the traditional hash awards

These went to-Number 2 who was mauled by own dog-Tit willow for taking the piss out of forest by standing on one leg in circle- All the way for cleaning her  feet in the toilet-Woof woof for going down-Paperclip fir shitting in woodsHash announcementThere is a Weekend away with the lovely Haldon hash at seale hayne.September time. Transvestites in red. Running and beer- usual japes.

On on




Sent from my her  iPhone in Spain - dedication to Hashing and explains some of the renaming I wasn't there but guess it was Paperwork that got caught short.


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