Sunday, 19 October 2014

October A2B words as written by the Hares

Sounds like a pretty apathetic lot turned up in October as the RA couldn't be bothered to give down downs and nobody could be bothered with the words - love that Sorepoint has turned that to her advantage and credited the trail with being the best ever- wish I had been there.

Many rivers to cross
But I can't seem to find my way over
Wandering I am lost
As I travel along the white cliffs of dover

 Well the rain did wash away all of the chalk marks & quite a bit of the flour, but if jimmy cliff got to dover, he doesn’t have to wonder about being lost he definitely went too far without dust. 4 rivers in all.

Well the 1st was a stream where every one must have had a paddle. 2nd very scanky under the dual carriage way which a few intrepid longs endured, all that was missing in it was the obligatory supermarket trolly. 3rd just before the 2nd beer stop, which one of the hares produced a risk assesment for another small group of longs braved & even though the heavy rains made it deeper we got away with wading across up to our nips. The last river crossing was another paddle just before the pub, giving a opportunity to clean shoes & legs without any more mud before the ‘B’ now how thoughtful of the Hares.

That was the view of the day from Paperwork, the mad Hare. 

Sorepoint saw it a little differently.
I was glad to see a good turn out at Knightshayes Court, as it was a little further to travel for most.  Hairy and Lizbien even brought the camper van in case they got lost along the way.

Finding each other in the car park proved a little difficult, but was achieved in the end. We welcomed a few virgins – Baby Powder from Taunton Hash, Bollards from City of Exeter and Cbeebies from either Haldon or Plympton, I’m not sure.

The Hares warned of the lack of flour due to the torrential rain we endured in the night and off we went into the woods. The trail was reasonably easy to find in the woods, being partially sheltered by the trees and we wound round a while, crossing into parkland and in front of the imposing fa├žade of Knightsayes house itself. Out onto the road we went through a ford and down an extremely long and wet green lane to the roundabout with the A361 in Tiverton. A few went long and under the carriageway, a few went short and cut that bit out, and a few thought they’d gone long but had infact gone short and got to the regroup first.

At this point it was evident that all the flour/chalk that had been laid in the next section had completely disappeared, so off I went to try and live hare that section. Now, I am not known for my speed and I have never tried to live hare anything before so I was very surprised when it was going swimmingly and I was still ahead of the pack ten minutes later. However, my inexperience soon showed, as I realised I’d not brought enough flour and had run out completely. There was nothing for it but to wait for the pack, and wait I did. About ten mins later I saw Happy Shopper coming up the road, followed by Hairy, Baby Powder, Cbeebies and ManPig with Kura in tow (or should that be Kura with Manpig in tow?). Anyway I explained the problem and Hairy helpfully found me a stone to try and scratch a trail out with on the tarmac. Off I went again, but this wasn’t working so well and they got a bit lost!

Luckily I found them again just before going through the People’s Park and out to Tiverton Castle and round to the River Exe, where Paperwork was loitering, wondering where we were as the majority of the pack had gone short and arrived safely at the next regroup. Paperwork proceeded to take over the long route and took a couple of intrepid hashers through the river as mentioned above.

Off we went again down river following mostly the Exe Valley Way down to the Trout Inn at Bickley, which was a very welcoming B for this month.

Down Downs were given by anyone who wanted to as Happy Shopper didn’t really want to be bothered by this time, and the Hare’s have had to write the words for their own run as no one could be bothered to do that either!

Never mind. It was the best A-B anyone has ever laid, ever! Even if I do say so myself!


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