Saturday, 5 April 2014

Words for March A2B Run No 82.

Location: Averton Gifford village car park

Hares: That’s crap, She’s ready and hairy Mollusc

Hashers present: Archangel, KC, Come back, Come tonight, Down iT woods, Fester, Genital heatrash, Man-pig, Mateus rose, Meavy maid, Moonflower, Paperwork, Paraprick, PMT, Rise’n’shine, Sailors rest, Salty Mollusc, Shatnav, Sorepoint, Tear arse, The jerk, IFV, 3D and Julie.

Beermasters: larks Vomit and Lizbien.

 Well it’s Friday afternoon and tomorrow is A2B day and I was volunteered to write the words for this hash, I am struggling to remember what I did yesterday let alone last month, never the less here goes.

This hash was down as a training hash for the Grizzly so we were promised lots and lots of mud, some hills and a few miles in between the mud and hills ...and this is exactly what we got.  Looking back I actually think the A2B Grizzly training run was harder than the Grizzly, well I did the cub on the day due to a cold and lack of training (3 A2B hashes was my total training this year).

We left the car park and went west along the tidal footpath to Waterhead Bridge, we then began to climb the first of many hills to Ashford bridge.  We crossed the A379 carefully, and come up to the first long/short split.  I took the short route (again thinking of my grizzly training) heading out to Combe Quarry, where we met up with the longs.  Then after a few wrong checks we crossed a muddy field towards Idestone farm and onto the first beer stop at Loddiswell.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that She’s ready had organised the beer stops around the public toilets in the south hams area, for some reason!!.

After a pleasant refuelling of peanuts (not for Sorepoint though), jelly babies and beer we headed off again, and pick up a shiggy footpath to the west of the river in Woodleigh woods, where we had to climb over fallen trees onto a very, very muddy path through Titcombe woods and up to Aveton woods.  I think if there ever was going to be an award for the shiggiest hash of the year this path had to be a serious contender.  We then followed the trail back downhill to Topsham Bridge and through a very short tunnel built for hobbits (It was just as well Bigfoot was not here this month as there was no-way he would have fitted through this tunnel) onto Hazelwood.  We then hit another long climb up to Blackdown rings fort car park for the second beer stop.  We were treated to some fantastic views over the Avon valley whilst we stocked up on sugar and beer.  I did notice that there was a telephone box close by and was tempted to ring for a taxi but as I had no idea where in Devon I was that possibility was not going to work.

We reluctantly left the beer stop heading north over some fields and then rough woodland, some more shiggy  fields (with ponies in) and suddenly we popped out onto road.  In the distance we could see the lovely site of the California Inn (point B) and a well earned beer. From what I can remember I know the hares received down downs along with many other hashers but unfortunately I have no idea who.
I wish to thank the hares for a fantastically muddy trail and can’t wait for tomorrows A2B trail,

On On,  Shatnav
P.S. many thanks to She’s ready for a description of
the route we took, as I had no idea where we went!

Editor's note - I think Shatnav had spell check on as I had to change shaggy FROM shaggy.

 Misdirections for 10th May 2014
DEVON A2B H3 Run No 83
Hares -  Zoot and Hotlips
Harford Bunkhouse, Ivybridge
12.30pm for run start around 12.45pm
Linked in with the ‘Gispert Gallop 2014’ so why not make a weekend of it see TVH3 for more info


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