Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Words for December 2013 - Malborough

Point A: Malborough Village Car Park (South Hams Car Crime Capital)
Point B: Victoria Inn, Salcombe
Hares: Meavy Maid & Cow Pat
Attendees:  circa 25 (including a significant South Hams H3 turn-out – well done)
I turned up at the village hall car park in Marlborough to find only Ivy-F and Paraprick there, but  sure enough everybody soon started to arrive in typical hash fashion (Last minute) And as always Man- pig was late! It was so cold waiting around in the car park that Tierd Bunny proceeded to pick up the nearest dog and started hugging it in a desperate attempt at trying to keep warm! Obviously not a tough northerner like me.  Paperwork turned up with his wife( sorry can’t remember her hash name) and proceed to sort stuff out in the boot of his car for the hash and then proceeded to slam the boot of the car shut, only to find out that the keys were now locked in the car. A young girl came to the rescue with a wire coat hanger and we wedged the top of the door open and all pretty much had a go at breaking into their car without much success! (we would not make very good car thieves!  Eventually after a fair bit of struggling Paperwork managed to get in an retrieve the keys.  Then we were off and on to the first check almost right away, the correct route was soon found. A few checks in though the story was not the same as the hair Meavy Maid seemed to be a little confused and was unsure of which was the correct route to take. This seemed to be a bit of a theme for the rest of the hash. We eventually reached the first beer stop which was epic! Larks Vomit had done a great job, with all sorts of goodies on offer from coffee, energy drinks and beer of course to all manner of snacks! We were soon off again and came to another long short split. I took the short, but I soon ended up joining the longs again as Cow Pat had no idea which way the short was meant to go. We eventually ended up at South Sands for a second regroup/beer stop and refuelled some more then we were off again heading back out towards the main road. A few more miles and we eventually reached the end of another epic  A2B hash at the Victoria Inn in Salcombe. The Jerk did an excellent job as R.A and down downs were awarded to the Hairs and erm… a few other people whom I have forgotten (Gymslip for a dodgy 70’s porn star moustache a la Peter Wingard style and also to Sore-Point & Paperwork for locking both sets of keys in their car!). The shorts were about 10.5 miles and the Longs were about 12.5.
On-on to the next A2B.

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