Friday, 4 October 2013

Words For September -Stoke Fleming

19 or 20 brave or maybe foolish hashers gathered around the toilets at Stoke Fleming, hoping the weather was going to improve. Desperately waiting for Man Pig to arrive so we could get our distructions  from hares and get going. When he arrived, we circled up were given distructions by the hares.

Who by this time were looking pretty bedraggled, having to go out and relay part of the trail.


We were told on was up so start looking so off we all go following the leaders, who got it wrong and were called back to track and view point which had stunning views. It had now actually stopped raining. We went down a very long track until we reached Blackpool Sands. Then up an enormous hill and wonderful views which I needed to look at as I had no breath to go any further. ON! ON!
to Larks at the drink and nibbles stop.

 From here Big foot and Rise & Shine disappeared so that they could marshall us along the very busy main road. We wound our way around the countryside getting spectacular views wherever we went. Every so often I would find Lilo loitering around the hedges, it was only later when I saw the colour of her tongue did I realise she was getting of her five a day with Blackberries. I cannot remember where we went other than we had done an enormous loop and we were back to Blackpool Sands. An unofficial ice Cream or beer stop. Several hashers hung around for quite a time thinking that once we got up the hill we would be back at Stoke Fleming. Not to be.....!!! we wound our way around the village picked up some footpaths up the hill and yes there was Larks!
Big foot and That's Crap racing up the hill to get to beer stop, Big Foot got there first and that's all he talks about now.

 From here we took the coastal path to Gallows Bridge I think? That's Crap took a flying leap over root and landed at Zoot's feet. Must have been the fish hooks upsetting his concentration. It was along here we saw a seal bobbing around in the sea. I thought it was a Dolphin but was told not to be so B----- Stupid. lucky I didn't get down down for that.

We climbed up from the sea and waiting at the top was Good Old Larks!!!

From here we took off across the fields and Baaaaaaaaaaaalune thought the sheep were calling her. SorePoint was showing me her very sorepoint as apparently her bra was not man enough for the job, and was causing friction. we arrived back at B tired but happy. Chips were ordered and scoffed by everyone except Big Foot who got just the scribbles. TC ate Kuras chip  from the floor Larks said it was her tea so TC started to bark. Down downs were awarded to you know who you are the Hares I remember Big Foot, Shorty & Rise & Shine. Thanks for a good day. On! On! to next A - B.     Twiggy.


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