Friday, 24 May 2013

Run 71 Tavistock/Whitchurch - That's Crap and She's Ready Words

Hash Run No: 69+3

4 May 2013

Venue:  Tavistock/Whitchurch

Hares:  That’s Crap, She’s Ready

Hash Taxi:  Lizbien

Hashers:  Hairy Mollusc/HIV/Leg Over/Teararse/Twiggy/Top Shelf/Happy Shopper/Bilko/Come Back&Cinnamon/Come2Nite/GHR/Barbara

A select few gathered at the junction on a lovely sunny day.  There was no available parking in the ‘triangle’ so hashers had to park on the uphill road.  Bilko not remembering the set up, walked down to the pack leaving her bag in her car.  Finding out she needed to bring everything down with her to put in the hash taxi she walked back up the hill to get her stuff.  When the run started where did we run – up the hill again.  Top Shelf also had a senior moment as after running 100 yds he stopped and got into his car, to retrieve something.  This run consisted off all PH3 hashers apart from 2 intrepid ladies from Torquay - Teararse and Twiggy.

Up onto Whitchurch Down we went having difficulty finding the marks as the ponies had eaten it all but we had She’s Ready guiding us in the right direction. Leg Over was pleased when she heard someone behind her mentioning a nice arse – turned out they were talking about a nice stone arch – we can all have selective hearing when it is in our favour. The trail went up to Cox Tor where we found GHR sunning himself in a little dell he had created surrounded by rocks.  HIV was a mine of useful info on our outing pointing out facts such as the names of all the tors and why there was a small hole in a stone in the leat so that a small amount of water was being channelled off down another leat.  On the run down off the tor That’s Crap and Happy Shopper obviously thinking about their last skiing holiday were doing ‘moguls’ down the grassy slopes.

We all arrived safely at the Peter Tavy, She’s Ready showing off by running all the way up the steep hill to the pub – she must have been desperate for a beer.  Tear arse offered her chips to the hash with the mantra ‘Teararse, smart arse, fat ass’ - we all obliged.   

We had our down downs in the beer garden.

Come Back - enjoyed his meal out the previous night – enjoyed the cauli cheese so much he asked for more – turned out he was eating cheesy leeks.

Happy Shopper – he managed to check all the wrong checks and then instead of going to the beer garden for the down down he went to the car park.

 Come Tonight – after looking after their car/van keys all day at the end of the day she gave them to GHR and promptly forgot this.  She then spends an agonising hour with the hash taxi driving to campsite/pub/cars to try and find them.

 Next A-B Cornworthy

On-On Bilko

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