Sunday, 1 July 2012

Run 62 7th July 2012 North Bovey Big Foot Shortie and Rise 'n' Shine

July A2B from North Bovey.

Hares:- Bigfoot, Shortie and Rise’nshine

Weather wet again!

We arrived in the rain next to the sodden village green under the dripping trees and waited the arrival of Tearasse who had indicated she was on her way. Sorry tale from the hares. Bigfoot had laid the trail the day before suffering from the dreaded tummybug and Shortie was suffering from the same illness that morning - thank heaven for Rise’nshine who was a picture of health.

At the on-on, we scattered in all directions around the village, some of us further than others. Meavy Maid, excited to be let loose, disappeared down a lane and was not seen again for twenty minutes! We crossed several fields and ran up bridlepaths to reach Mortonhampstead round some back lanes to Cranbrook Cottage for the first beer stop where we waited in the rain(again) for Oddbitz and Fruitybitz and Shortie to catch us up. Manpig offered to take Larksvomit’s dog to give her a bit of a run, which greatly increased his speed for the next section. Across Butterdon Down, up the hill and into the woods where we enjoyed the wonderful views with glimpses of Castle Drogo through the trees. At Fingle Bridge we enjoyed the spectacle of the British Gas dualathon. That is:-lots of teams of muddy people cycling and running through the river and woods- can’t understand it, they must be mad! We cheered them on in true hash fashion. There was a long session following the river next. Lots of shiggy and the occasional leap to one side to let the proper runners through. Then we came out of the woods across Piddledown Common to Dogmarsh Bridge for the next beer stop. We crossed the road next into a public footpath which eventually led to Chagford and the Bullers Arms.

Despite some scullduggery from the previous management of the pub who had allegedly absconded with the takings, the young lady behind the bar made us very welcome and supplied us with whatever ales they had left. We were joined for the down-downs by Squashed Balls and Twin Buffers, Melon Picker, Soapy and her grandchildren.

Down-downs were awarded to;-The Hares: Bigfoot & Rise’nshine (Shorty excused herself and ran off to vomit in the loo)

Woggle & Hairy Mollusc who stopped for a wee on the run.

Bigfoot for not giving a shit about people getting lost.

Fruitybitz for trying to take a photo with the lens cap on and organising a wedding on the hash.

Happy Shopper for not seeing Castle Drogo at the viewpoint.

Manpig for ‘dogging’, mumbling and wingeing.

Thatscrap for interruptions and advertising.

Archangel RSPCD- threw his dog in the river.


Hash awards

Manpig announced the results of the vote for the hash awards:

Scribe of the year was Plastic Pig (for Mavis & Peanut’s hash)

Pub of the year was the Lord Nelson at Kingskerswell

Trail of the year was Bigfoot, Shortie & Rise’n’shine for 50th hash.

Hasher of the year was Shatnav.

Pillock of the year was That’s Crap.

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