Saturday, 3 March 2012

Run 58 3rd March 2012 Denbury Shatnav and Zombie

Devon A-B - Run number 58

Shat Nav and Zombie from a car park in the woods near Denbury somewhere.


Quite a small but perfectly formed group of hounds:

Big Bird, Big Foot, Chunky, Cow Pat, Dynamo (who found the car park without going to Mars and back), EJ, Man Pig (who was early – can you believe it!), Meavy Maid, Over shot, Paperwork, Rise and Shine, Shortie, Sorepoint and Tear Arse.


The view from the front (Paperwork):-

Beaut day but a bit windy – ahh, the hares had thought of that and kindly provided us with woodland to shelter from it.  We zigzagged around to make sure we saw every tree.  More woodland after a short regroup in another car park but unfortunately the windbreak wasn’t to last as we headed out into open fields and the sweat turned cold.  The hares sneakily kept us on our toes by big variations in the distance to the first blob of flour.  Often Meavy Maid, Over shot and I all came back to the various checks, shrugged our shoulders and went back down the same trail to look further for the blob.


The view from the back (Sorepoint):-

Was feeling very unfit after six weeks lounging around in India, so was a bit of a shock to the system setting off through the woods on an extremely windy day.  The sun was out and we gradually made out way to the top of the hill through the trees to a fabulous view from the beacon.  Back down again and some frog watching in the pond.  Luckily the fit buggers in the front were checking it all out for us, so we just plodded along behind.  Shat Nav doing a good job of making sure he’d not lost anyone off the back of the trail.  First beer stop was very early on and I disgraced myself at the second bellowing over the fields that the beer had run out.  How was I to know I was standing in front of a silent order convent?  No curtains twitched, so I think I got away with it.  Anyway, after a little look at the notes in the church off we went again.  This last section was longer than the first two put together and certain of us were really struggling come the end.  Especially difficult was passing a pub.  Yes, you heard me correctly – we PASSED A PUB!  Shat Nav assures us it was closed and he had no choice, but still – I’m sure it’s against the rules somewhere.  We eventually finished up at some pub that I’ve forgotten the name of already, but somewhere in West Ogwell I believe.  Very nice run, lovely day, even if my legs didn’t agree with me.


Chunky was stitched up into being RA for the day and awarded down downs to:

The Hares – Shat Nav and Zombie and Shat Nav also for having to look at the map as we went round to check which way to go.

Dynamo for washing her feet in the sink.

Sorepoint for saying – come this way it’s less slippery, only to fall on her ar*e the next second.

And I think there was one more, but I can’t for the life of me remember any more – sorry!

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