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Run 50 2nd July 2011 Dittisham Big Foot and Shortie

A to B words 2nd July 2011

A golden celebration on the 2nd of JulyAnother A to B run – my, how the month flies byNot 50 years of wedded bliss! – it was our 50th run!
At Ditisham outside Red Lion, we gathered in the sun.The Hares Big Foot and Shortie Assist by Rise and ShineThrough windy narrow lanes to get there – arrived in nick of time!
Lots of hot and sweaty hashers circled at the startin the road above the pub, over looking river Dart.
It seemed like 51 of us, I looked inside for moreTo catch Larks Vomit mopping up…. his dog’s wee from the floor!Nostalgic words from Cathusalem – he was the founder memberI couldn’t understand a word (he’s 98 remember!)
Man Pig introduced the Virgins, Twice Knightly and anotherCan’t remember who it was (it could have been her brother!)Why did she carry rucksack? Containing What? You’re thinkingDoes she have a great big bag to carry kitchen sink in!
Troughie was there with bionic hip, though not running sadlyOnly had op 12 weeks ago, so he’s not doing badly“Not as long as last times run” Big foot announced proudly
We started running down the road – Havoc barking loudlyWithin a minute onto beach we circled up for toastNot to eat, but fizz to drink (think Spocky had the most)Cathusalem sang a song about a badger’s orificeAnd how you put your finger in – I expect you get the gist!!!He promised all original members a pint in pub for free50 hashers put their hands up, said they were there (and me!)
Along the tidal shore we ran, on mud and broken shellsEnjoying breathing country air (or rotten seaweed smells)Through farmers fields we jogged or walked the skies so blue and clearA Beautiful day - too hot to run we’re all in need of beer!
At last we came to Capton village we stopped to have a drinkBeer and water, peanuts and sweets (chocolate éclairs I think)
Then off again we had to run, I heaved myself from seatJust as I got my legs to work – we stopped just up the streetTwo wise men stood bearing gifts – not frankincense or myrrhBut Ferero Roche wrapped in gold – the type that I prefer!
Wild flowers growing up the lanes like vetch and campionFront runners now so far ahead we couldn’t hear ON ON
Ragged robin, foxgloves and rosebay willow herbDaisies and hedge parsley grew up from every kerb.
So hot we tried to run in shade, and walk became the speedWas this a mirage that we see, or the oasis that we need.
The hottest day we’ve had since May, we couldn’t stand the heat
A drink stop at Old Mill Creek - we stopped to cool our feet
We paddled in the little stream, ate sweets and drank the beer(although the sewer’s up the road – the water ran quite clear!)
That’s Crap splashed around with Havoc, Itzy found it funnyLarks’s dog not feeling well – she had an upset tummy!!
Which brings to mind some boys got lost….. refused to take a ride -in Larks’s car ‘cos Kura had had an accident inside!!!
We finished off the golden chocs which were melting in the sunBig Foot gratefully received said - “Shortie never gives me one!”The South Hams is known for beauty and rolling hills I’m told
The blobs of flour on Cow Pats now gone all crispy and old!That’s not kind I think she’s nice – she helped us find our way“I was only having bit of fun”, I heard PP say.Up a narrow path we ran, mind badgers holes in middleI thought PP’d disappeared but she’d stopped to have a piddle!
Gasping for air, the view from top was the most breathtaking yet
On the right was Dartmouth College where the Queen and Philip met
In 1946 they rolled and frolicked down this way
He whispered softly in her ear – she said “what did you say?”
He then popped Liz the question – One which changed her life
“Will one do one the honours of be comings ones new wife!!”
The river Dart looked beautiful, boats bobbing in the sun
At far end of a stoney field a drink stop – the last one
Parked in lay-by Larks’s car, the door was open wide
Havoc was hot, he’d had enough. He tried to jump inside
He didn’t care the back seat smelled – he joined Kura his friend
He couldn’t walk another yard – had lift back to the end!
On top of hill we had a photo, dramatic view behind
The run to pub was all downhill – now this we didn’t mind.
Arrived at pub the FBI (the new abbreviation)
PP said “come in for swim” I jumped at invitation
Quite literally we jumped off quay into the murky brink
We had to take our trainers off so that we didn’t sink!
Quite a few had joined the queue to have a swim or float
After getting stuck in mud That’s Crap impersonates tug boat!
With glass in hand we all enjoyed the ale at Ferry Boat Inn
And Cathusalem keeping to his word bought beer……... Just for him!!!
We dried our hair and changed our clothes and circled on the beach
Down downs were given and Cathusalem gave - YET ANOTHER SPEECH!!
That’s Crap got a down down for getting stuck in muddy water
When you think you are a tug boat a thing you never oughta
Then Mavis and Man Pig got one for leading FF astray
Not kicking out the checks on runs he went the other way…..
He went an extra mile - and Flasher would have got one too
But he went home with injury… (I think it was man flu!!)
Twice Knightly got another for what ever’s in her sack
Can’t recall what Vomit did (info on this I lack!)
Of course one went to Cathusalem, and for our 50th run
Without this founder member we wouldn’t have begun!
We then went on to the Awards – the bestest of the year
They too were given down downs and a yellow shirt to wear
Larks Vomit got an award for dishing out the dirt…….
Writing best words – ‘Scribe of the year’ was written on his shirt
The Dartmouth Inn at Totnes got the On Down of the year
And Pillock went to Man Pig – well deserved I hear you cheer
Dutchess, Pods and Shat Nav – Best Lay at Fernworthy Res
Last but not least was Sore Point got Best Hasher so they sez
So thanks Big foot and Shortie and also Rise and Shine
For laying a fantastic trail and giving up your time
And all the other hashers that have set an A to B
We look forward to the run each month. Thanks again. Soapy x

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